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A lot of my followers ask me for advice.  Sometimes its they suspect their other is cheating or mainly, that the relationship just isn’t the same after a while.  My advice is almost always the same:  Talk to the person about it.
Yes, you might argue that the person might become all defensive and fight or even deny what you’re saying and proceed that there isn’t anything wrong. But at least you made a point of confronting the person in open communication.  Don’t be those people who break up, bringing up problems for the first time during the break up. 
With communication, you will let the other person know exactly what is troubling you, and if they’re a good person (Which I am sure he or she is), then they will then fix or help with the problem!
Going to friends is a good thing, it helps get multiple points of view, but above all , you always need to talk with the other person about it.  Fights can be good, as it lets the person know exactly what you are feeling, although emotions can always take over and end it badly, without fixing anything.
But with honest communication, no “flirting with others”, with constant conversation, you can always keep the relationship alive, know the problems your other is facing, and even keep from being lonely.  Communication leads to commitment which is important in any relationship, whether romantic or platonic.  Additionally, it is not just telling the other person what’s wrong, but also being a listening ear to what the other person has to say. Communication is a two-way street.
Clear, honest communication is key to sustaining any relationship.

Scorpio…..talking to her ex

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just because im antifeminist doesnt mean i dont believe in equal rights for women. 


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it me

dat butt doe



This just in: brown people do not have normal skin.

Americans for you.

"Americans" lol this is Australia. 

A picture of me eating lasagna

me: fuck beyonce, she isn’t shit. She’s not my queen and y’all need to stop acting like she’s yours too

2 minutes later: holdup, this is my shit, *closes eyes and takes deep breath* I been drankin.. I been drankin… I get filthy when dat liqua qet into me YAAAAAS GURL YAAS WORK IT SHOW THESE BITCHES HOW ITS DONE SURFBORT

Later that day: no fuck beyonce she ain’t shit